Assistant Pastor

Originally hailing from the UK, Dax moved to Australia looking to find something more out of life. He joined the Australia Defence Force (ADF) in 1998 as a soldier, and although he spent 15 years in the ADF, he wasn’t able to find the fulfillment he was looking for.

This changed in 2004 just before a holiday to Thailand where a Chrisitan family member began to explain to him that Jesus has a plan for his life. During the trip, Dax miraculously survived the now infamous that struck Thailand, and realised his life needed to change.

He went on to become a Christian in 2007 and his life has been forever changed. Now married with two children, Dax entered the ministry in 2017 and pioneered a now thriving congregation in Beenleigh, QLD. As of March 2020 he was announced to start a missionary work in the newly independent island nation of Bougainville – this has been delayed due to the current pandemic. During this season he’s stepped in as the assistant pastor to our church.


Senior Pastor

Born and raised in Tennant Creek, Peter Field spent much his younger years working as a stockman throughout the Outback of Australia. By 27 he was in Darwin, addicted to drugs and living in a caravan park.

He attended a local church and heard that Jesus Christ can forgive him and set him free. He had an encounter with God that changed him forever.

More than 30 years on, Peter is now married with 4 children and 7 grandchildren and has pastored multiple churches across Australia, has been a missionary to Africa twice, and has pastored the local church in Brisbane for more then 9 years.

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